Fall 2009: Jake and Nancy learned that Nancy's breast cancer was stage four. Winter 2013: They are still fighting. This is a gathering place to follow their story, offer support, love and prayers... to be by their side.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A note from Jake and Nancy

As Nancy and Jake head into this informative week, they hope to learn the pathology results and begin the treatment course. Nancy sent the following note to post. As an aside, we will be adding more days on the calendar for meals, so if you haven't been able to sign up for one of the dates listed, there will be more opportunities to do so. Particularly as Nancy is underway with treatments, there will be a huge need for our support. Please contact Molly (email on sidebar) if you are not linked to the calendar.
Hey everyone,

THANK YOU so much for the overwhelming generosity of "Operation Dinner". It has been absolutely incredible and we are grateful beyond words to have such an amazing network of family and friends taking care of us. Above is a picture of the bulldogs begging for their treats (thanks also to Jack and Lynne for treating Rose and Yoyo).
This will be a big week. I'm having my port "reinstalled" or whatever the right term is and thankfully it will be by the same surgeon who has successfully done this for me twice before. A lot of patients have ports inserted by interventional radiologists (the same folks who do liver biopsies - yikes!), so I'm breathing a sigh of relief I don't have to darken their doorstep again. Speaking of the biopsy, my oncologist, Dr. Rinn, is pushing the pathologists really hard to get answers from the tissue they got on Tuesday rather than subjecting me to another procedure. We should know early this week if I need another biopsy (fingers crossed we won't). Either way, chemo will probably start on Thursday this week.
All things considered, we are doing well. We continue to be amazed at how fortunate we are to have such incredible family and friends. We feel your support 110% and it helps us get through. The meals have been delicious and such a help to us since I don't feel up to shopping or cooking. The blog has been really helpful for us too since it is difficult to keep everyone in the loop. We love you guys so much and it is fun for us to read your comments on the posts and guestbook.
Blessings and hugs all around - Nancy and Jake.


Anonymous said...

Nancy and Jake-

Hi. Tara Carew and co. here in Durham, NC. We are praying hard for you guys. Sending love, good karma, and God's blessings.

Joanne said...

You WILL overcome...not only because of your faith, but I have found you to be the most amazing woman I know. Hugs, Joanne Anderson

kim said...

AMAZING NANCY!! Need I say more? Biggest hug to you. xoxo, kim

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I think you're incredibly amazing and strong! If you can whip us into submitting our status reports on time, you can beat this! :)

Take care

Anonymous said...

Nancy and Jake--
Graeme and I are praying for you! We know that God has gifted you both with great courage and faith. Claim all His promises for He is faithful! I'm sure you know it, but during my treatment I took great comfort and encouragement from Sarah Grove's "He's always been faithful" check it out.
God bless-- Amy Martin Hodson