Fall 2009: Jake and Nancy learned that Nancy's breast cancer was stage four. Winter 2013: They are still fighting. This is a gathering place to follow their story, offer support, love and prayers... to be by their side.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Consult with Oncologist

Nancy and Jake had a long day at the hospital, and here's what Nancy shared upon her return:

I did not have chemo today because we don't have a complete answer from my liver biopsy, but that's okay we'll start next week. The biopsy sample was not very good in spite of their best efforts (I assure you they tried, it woke me up from anesthesia to my protests...ouch!). Dr. Rinn thought this was due to necrosis in the liver, which sounded pretty bad to me, but she didn't seem too upset by it. Worst case they might need to repeat the biopsy, but honestly I am okay with that.

I was a little relieved not to have chemo today because I am still sore from the biopsy. My pain has is decreased a lot - it only hurts when I breath deeply or laugh, so don't send me any funny YouTube clips please. I'm kidding of course - laughter is exactly what we need. Luanne sent me a hilarious one of kittens - Jake and I were crying we were laughing so hard!

Dr. Rinn was quite encouraging today. First, my brain MRI is normal, which we expected, but is still a relief. Also, we got an update on a test called CTC (circulating tumor cells), which came back very low (low is good with this test). I am scheduled to have my port put back in early on Tues morning and we are all set for chemo on next Thursday morning. I will lose my hair again with this chemo, but it will be more gradual versus my first time where it came out all at once.

All in all, we are doing really well. The bulldogs are keeping us entertained. Rose, who has been through chemo with me twice before, is especially sweet.

We all share in the relief that the MRI was normal and that the CTC test came back so low! This is good news!

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Jim said...

I'm again reminded how strong this family is and our resolve to support you Nancy in both prayer a deed as we walk with you and Jake day by day...In fact your (Jake and Nancy) strength gives us all strength...I also very personally appreciate what Molly and Kate have done in both setting up this Blog and pouring their heart and soul into setting up the meal support planning...
God Bless All of you!