Fall 2009: Jake and Nancy learned that Nancy's breast cancer was stage four. Winter 2013: They are still fighting. This is a gathering place to follow their story, offer support, love and prayers... to be by their side.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Dear family and friends,

It has been a while since I've posted, so I thought I'd give an update.  Things are going well and we assume faslodex is doing the trick.  The knuckleheads at my insurance company are still refusing to cover everolimus even though Dr. Rinn thinks I'm perfectly suited for it.  The latest excuse is that the clinical trial data had Aromasin as the hormone therapy partner, not faslodex.  The implication is if I switched to Aromasin they would cover it, so perhaps we will go that route, we'll see.  I have an appointment this week to get my monthly zometa and faslodex and I'll see Dr. Rinn to discuss options.  I'm also due for a scan pretty soon.

I feel pretty well, though I'm having a bit more pain in my right upper quadrant and top of my right shoulder (referred pain from my liver).  It is hard to tell if it's getting worse, pain is so subjective.  It is never severe pain, but pretty unrelenting, which always makes me a tad nervous the cancer is getting worse.  On the other hand, my symptoms have never correlated with progression, so I'm choosing to believe everything is stable.

In non-cancer news, we had a wonderful trip last weekend to visit Kate, Grant and the kids in Nashville.  It was so much fun to hang out with them and spend time with our nephews and niece. We went to a concert at the legendary Ryman theater, which was  such a treat.  The kids are so cute and fun, we really had fun hanging out and playing with them.  My niece, Sadie, is such a sweetheart!  She surprised me with individual Get Well cards written by each of the kids in her class.  We stopped by her class on Friday last week and I got to meet all the kids - they made me feel like a celebrity!  
It was really special spending time with Kate (my awesome sis-in-law who maintains the blog).  She and I have always had an incredible friendship and I think of her as my sister.  She is beautiful and an amazing mom/wife/athlete...she is simply incredible and I'm thankful beyond words for all she does. 


Larry Asher said...

Thanks so much for the update, Nancy. Let me know if I can let the air out any health insurance company executive's tires for you!

James C said...
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James C said...

You are so strong and poised. I am sorry to hear that your pain feels like it might be getting worse, and I wish that there were something we could do to help. It is comforting to know that you have so many good friends for support. I am happy that you all had such a memorable time in Nashville.

Momma T said...

Good to read what is happening. Sadie told me that God has been answering her prayers. She has been praying for her Aunt Nancy. So lovely to read the notes written regarding Nancy. Well Done Nancy! Keep us informed and up to date. Be of good cheer!