Fall 2009: Jake and Nancy learned that Nancy's breast cancer was stage four. Winter 2013: They are still fighting. This is a gathering place to follow their story, offer support, love and prayers... to be by their side.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chemo Week Three

Dear family and friends,

Thank you again for continued thoughts/prayers and well wishes. I had chemo today and it went smoothly. My friend Wendy was sweet enough to keep me company and bring lunch - thanks Wendy! She snapped a photo of us while we were waiting, so I thought I would send along for Kate to post.

As for medical updates, my back pain has improved a little in the past couple days, which is really encouraging. It isn't gone completely, but feels less intense since Tuesday. This is good news because we assume the chemo is starting to work. The plan is weekly chemo for 4 - 6 months, then switch to a treatment called an aromatase inhibitor (AI) which is easier to tolerate (just one pill a day versus the weekly infusions that last for hours and make me feel crummy). You can see from the picture I still have hair, but it is starting to come out and I'm guessing in another few weeks it will be falling out like crazy. Since this is the second time I've lost my hair, it isn't that big a deal. I have scarves and wigs on hand.

Thanks again for all the encouragment. It truly helps lift our spirits. Love and hugs, Nancy and Jake


Momma T said...

Know that I continue to hold you up in prayer. Hope the cards arrived safely. A something special in your card Nancy. Did you find it? Lots of love, Tanya

Molly said...

Nance - you look gorgeous in this picture!

Nancy Willis said...

Nancy - I just learned of your recurrence from Chris Frick.
You are such an amazing person, Nancy. Your story, your husband, your friends, the way you are dealing with this is awe-inspiring.
You and Jake are in my thoughts and my prayers. The dogs, too! :)