Fall 2009: Jake and Nancy learned that Nancy's breast cancer was stage four. Winter 2013: They are still fighting. This is a gathering place to follow their story, offer support, love and prayers... to be by their side.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Note from Nancy

Hi all,
After a restful weekend in Palm Springs two weeks ago, it was back to chemo the past two Thursdays. As you saw from the pictures, Jake shaved his head in solidarity with me and now we are growing our hair back together. My hair has started growing even though I'm still on chemo, which I don't really understand, but I'm not complaining.

Chemo continues to go smoothly and we are doing well. This week I'll have another trifecta of Abraxane, Avastin, and Zometa, which has gotten easier to tolerate, then I'll enjoy a week off on March 4th. I'll have another PET/CT scan in the coming weeks and, depending on the results, we may be able to set the end date for Abraxane and Avastin. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but I am crossing my fingers I might finish this chemo in March or April. After that I'll continue to have monthly infusions of Zometa to heal the bone mets in my spine (bone is the slowest to respond to treatment) and I'll switch to hormone therapy (still very powerful, but much easier to tolerate) and I'll stay on that treatment as long as it continues to work. I'm having a little trouble with my port-a-cath and there's a chance I'll have to have it removed/replaced, but I'm crossing my fingers that won't happen. It is no big deal medically, but it would be another procedure and another scar therefore a bit of a bummer.

Thanks again to everyone for your support!